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Abe Lincoln is a major character. He is voiced by Will Forte.

Abe Lincoln.png


Characteristics: tall, thin, brown hair, black eyes, handsome, kind, friendly, clumsy, oblivious, comedic, selfless, honest, naive

Animated age: 16 toon years

Real age: 15 real years

Species: Human

Profession: Lawyer

Relations: Cleopatra (girlfriend); Freakazoid and Newton (best friends)

Comes from: Clone high

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian


  • Freakazoid and Newton: The three seem to have a stable and strong friendship with each other. He always supports his friends and loves spending his free time with them.
  • Cleopatra: Abe really loves and even adores his girlfriend. He enjoyes spending time with her and doing things for her. He is shown to get jealous very easily when she is around other men.

Full name: Abraham Lincoln


  • He is an animated clone of Abraham Lincoln.
  • He is also a big fan of the eponymous president.
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