Adagio Dazzle is an antagonist. She is voiced by Kazumi Evans.

Adagio Dazzle

About the character Edit

Characteristics: tall, slender, purple clothes, red necklace, pink eyes, purple boots, violet fingerless gloves, ginger long hair with blonde stripes, beautiful, evil, intelligent, sadistic, cruel, narcissistic, vain, arrogant, rude

Animated age: more than 1000 years

Real age: 4 real years old

Profession: Singer, member of the Dazzlings

species: siren

nationality: American

religion: Christian

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

comes from: My little pony Equestria girls Rainbow rocks


  • Most of her roles are minor, but she, as well as the rest of the Dazzlings and NOS-4-A2, are main antagonists in the episode Pitch imperfect.
  • She shares her actress with RoseOctavia and Skipper.
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