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Aladar Mezga is a major character. in the show he is voiced by Max Charles.

Aladar Mezga.jpg


Characteristics: slender, black eyes, brown hair, handsome, intelligent, sneaky, greedy, sly, calm, collected, cool-minded, selfish, irresponsible

animated age: 12 toon years

Real age: 48 real years

Nationality: Hungarian

Religion: Christian

Comes from: The Mezga family

Relations: Geza and Paula (parents), Kriszta (sister), Bloki and Maffia (pets), Bart and Louise (best friends)

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character


  • his parents: His relationship with his parents is not very healthy, because he does not respect them. He never hesitates to mock or even blackmail them and does not care if they would punish him, mostly because they usually do not.
  • Kriszta: He is not very close with his sister. The two usually mock or even insult each other and do not care about "getting along".
  • Bloki: Of the two family pets, Bloki is the one who he is closer to.
  • Bart and Louise: Since these children have similar personalities with him, he seems to get along with them with no problem, but that does not mean that he would not hesitate to manipulate or blackmail them as well.


  • He has a habit of "borrowing" other toons' stuff to use them for his experiments.