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Alastor, also known as the Radio demon, is a recurring character. He is voiced by Edward Bosco.



Characteristics: tall, slender, red hair, dark skin, red eyes, yellow teeth, handsome, evil, sadistic, bloodthirsty, rude, arrogant, proud, stubborn, polite, well-mannered, somewhat hedonistic, hates being touched, hates most technology, does not believe in redemption, bad sense of hygiene

animated age: in his 30s-40s

created in: 2019

Species: demon

Profession: announcer

Fun facts:

  • He speaks in a Mid-Atlantic accent.
  • He can speak some French.
  • He dislikes dogs.
  • He does not like tea, but is fond of black coffee.
  • He is aromantic asexual.
  • He is a skilled musician, he can sing, dance, as well as play the piano, the trumpet, the saxophone and the violin. He is a fan of Cab Calloway, Charlie Chaplin and the musical Annie.
  • Ironically, while Edward Bosco dislikes pineapple on pizza, Alastor loves it. Alastor also enjoys bitter food and raw meat, but dislikes sweets.
  • He is likely inspired by the demon Alastor, who is the personal assistant of the king of Hell, as well as his favorite executioner.

Nationality: American

Religion: Satanist

Comes from: Hazbin hotel

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character