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Alphonse Elric is a secondary character. He is voiced by Maxey Whitehead.

Alphonse Elric.jpg


characteristics: tall, muscular, broad-shouldered, kind, friendly, gentle, polite, well-mannered, selfless, intelligent, sensitive, emotional, patient, generous, brave, helpful

animated age: 14 toon years

real age: 14 real years

species: human/human soul attached to an armor

profession: writer/poet/comic book artist

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

nationality: Japanese

religion: none/atheist

relations: Edward (brother)

comes from: the Fullmetal alchemist franchise

nicknames: Al (by Edward and Winry)


  • Due to his lack of body, he does not feel pain, hunger or the need to sleep and breath.
  • He has a soft spot for children and animals.
  • He shares his English actress with Crona.
  • He shares his original actress Rie Kugimiya with Taiga and Louise.
  • He refers to his brother exclusively with just "Brother". He never calls him by his name.


  • Edward: He strongly loves his brother and really cares for his well being. Alphonse is shown that he would do pretty much everything to protect his brother and to prevent him from getting hurt.
  • Winry: They are shown to be very close friends. Alphonse is not afraid to speak with her and treats her with respect. He cares for her well being as well.