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Amelia is a secondary character. She is voiced by Emma Thompson and has a British accent.



Characteristics: Tall, slender, curvy, ginger hair, green eyes, beautiful, athletic, strict, posh, polite, wisecracking, sarcastic, kind, justice, selfless, fearless

Animated age: 35 toon years

Real age: 16 years old

Species: Cat-like alien

Relations: Dr. Delbert Doppler (husband), Amelia and Doppler's children

Profession: manager of a tourism agency

Comes from: Treasure planet

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Positve character

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian


  • She is based on the character of captain Alexander Smollet from the original book Treasure island.
  • She is voiced by the same actress as queen Elinor.
  • She enjoys drinking tea in her free time.
  • Most of her roles are minor, but she is a major character in the episode Butch, Cassidy and the kid.