Another Cronarella story is an episode.

plot Edit

Feeling unsure of Crona's safety in Antagonistan, Death the Kid makes the decision to go to the said town and ask her to come to Movietown with him. When Varian finds out about Crona's plans to leave, in order to make her stay, he reveals his feelings for her, but gets rejected. The scientist feels insulted by the act and blames Kid for it.

characters in the episode Edit

- Death the Kid

- Crona Gorgon

- Varian

- Trina

- Toffee

- Black hat

- Dawn Bellwether

- The Gangreen gang

- Captain Nathaniel Flint (cameo)

- Flint's crew (cameo)

- Bloth (cameo)

- Gutt (cameo)

- Raz (cameo)

- Silas (cameo)

- Squint (cameo)

- Gupta (cameo)

songs Edit

- Kid

- Objection

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film Another Cinderella story, but also a reference to the episode Cronarella.

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