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Antagonistan is a town in the Cartoon kingdom, populated entirely by antagonists.


- the Horned king


Antagonistan was founded due to the never ending conflict between positive and negative characters. Out of desire for freedom, antagonists came up with the idea to build their own town, where they can live as legal citizens.

Since antagonists are known for their vengeful nature, they have started a war against the other kingdoms.


It is located on Ilha da Queimada Grande, also known as Snake island, an island near South America, making Antagonistan the only town in the Cartoon kingdom, which does not have a territory in the USA. The island's lack of population provided an excellent opportunity for antagonists. It is closed to the public and the only people, allowed to go there are research teams.

The origin of the island's name comes from the fact that it is the home of almost 430,000 snakes. However, snakes are not the only animals on the island, as there are 41 recorded bird species.


It is populated exclusively by negative characters (also known as antagonists), and is the only town, where the population excludes positive characters.


- Big part of the population, including the king himself, are Satanists, meaning that they are devoted to Satan, instead of God.

- Holidays such as Christmas and Easter are not celebrated. Halloween seems to be allowed, but it is not very popular, due to its origin.

- Antagonists have came up with their own salute, which is consisted of the two arms crossing and making an X-shape, placing it in front of the chest. The hands are semi-open, making a shape that resembles a clawed animal paw. The individual, who performs the salute, also smiles widely, leaving their teeth exposed. It is confirmed that the salute is based on the idiom "fighting tooth and nail".


- It is not just real humans, who are not allowed to go there, though. Because of the war, positive characters are forbidden from visiting Antagonistan.

- The town, as a place, is very infamous among positive characters, as they refer it to as "the closest thing, they know, to Hell".

- Antagonistan is the only town in the Cartoon kingdom, without a Japanese-themed neighborhood. However, there is a pirate-themed neighborhood, simply known as "the Pirate neighborhood", instead, where the pirates in the town live.

- The tourism industry is non-existent in Antagonistan, as the citizens are not allowed to travel outside of the town.