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Applejack is a main character. She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball and has a Southern accent.


About the character[]

Characteristics: slender, orange fur, blonde mane and tail, brown hat, green eyes, beautiful, brave, reasonable, nice, stubborn, hardworking, sometimes shy, friendly, upbeat, loyal, honest, sarcastic, modest, intelligent

Real age: 8 real years

Family: granny Smith (grandmother), Apple bloom (sister), Big McIntosh (brother), Babs Seed (cousin), the Apple family (cousins, aunts, uncles, great-aunts, etc.), Winona (pet)

species: pony

profession: farmer

nationality: American

religion: Christian

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

comes from: My little pony: Friendship is magic


  • She is known for the great physical strength in her legs. She uses that strength for picking apples. It is actually a family trait.
  • Her family is known for being the best apple farmers in the kingdom.
  • She is the middle one of the Apple siblings.


  • her family: She has a strong relationship with her family. A great example is her relationship with her younger sister Apple bloom. Applejack treats her sister with maternal love and much understanding.