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Arachne Gorgon is a secondary antagonist. She is voiced by Stephanie Young.


She is the Horned king's spy and personal messenger, the one who informs him about his subjects' failures.


characteristics: slender, curvy, pale skin, black hair, purple eyes, beautiful, evil, calm, collected, sadistic, cruel, cold-hearted

animated age: over 800 toon years

created in: 2008

species: witch

comes from: Soul eater

relations: Medusa and Shaula (sisters); Crona (niece)

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: antagonist

theme song: Toxic

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

occupation: the king's messenger and spy


  • She is the oldest of the Gorgon sisters.
  • Spiders are her theme.
  • Her name means "spider" in Greek.
  • She is named after a character from Greek mythology-a woman who was turned into a spider, after losing a contest against the goddess of wisdom Athena.
  • She shares her English actress with Olivier.
  • She shares her original actress Michiko Neya with Riza, Adiane and Jun.


  • Medusa and Shaula: She actually does not love her sisters and sees them more as rivals, rather than family.
  • Crona: She sees her as a good target for manipulation and mistreatment.
  • the Horned king: Unlike Katie Killjoy, who is another one of the king's sources of information, Arachne has direct interactions with the king. As his spy, she is usually the one informing him about the latest events in Antagonistan (and in other towns occasionally), with the piece of information he wants to know the most is whether or not his subjects have succeeded in their missions. Arachne is usually obedient and respectful towards the king, but he does not treat her in the same manner, since, although not always, he can be heard insulting her from time to time.