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Aria Blaze is a main antagonist. She is voiced by Diana Kaarina.

Aria Blaze.png

She is a member of the infamous musical group the Dazzlings, a trio of sirens who use their music to cause conflicts among other toons, in order to consume the negative energy that forms as a result.

However, in The little siren, where she is the main antagonist, Aria expresses disapproval of her position as a backing singer, thus coming up with a scheme to cause chaos in Movietown by herself.

About the character[]

Characteristics: tall, slender, purple long hair with green stripes, purple boots, red necklace, purple trousers, white shirt, purple eyes, green vest, beautiful, evil, arrogant, rude, grumpy, sarcastic, disrespectful, sassy, easily-annoyed, power-hungry, indifferent, manipulative, impatient, immature

Animated age: more than 1000 toon years

created in: 2014

species: siren

nationality: American

religion: Christian

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

comes from: My little pony Equestria girls Rainbow rocks


  • Adagio Dazzle: Despite being in a musical group together, Adagio does not treat Sonata and Aria as equals, acting as their leader instead and refusing to give the position to anyone else. This occasionally causes trivial conflicts between her and Aria, although this does not play a major role until The little siren.
  • Sonata Dusk: As Sonata Dusk is not among the smartest members of the group, this often causes arguments and bickering between her and Aria Blaze. The two rarely agree on anything, instead they insult or mock each other for the smallest things.
  • NOS-4-A2: NOS-4-A2 is the Dazzlings' manager and as such, he can be often seen accompanying them. As revealed in the episode Pitch imperfect, the reason why he is their manager is the mutual decision to help each other in finding energy to consume- NOS-4-A2 arranges concerts for the Dazzlings, thus giving them opportunity to use dark magic through their singing, and the Dazzlings assist the robot in finding machines, which he can steal the energy from. Their relationship appears to be entirely professional.