Asura is a secondary antagonist. He is voiced by Chris Patton.


about Edit

characteristics: slender, black hair with white accents, red eyes, handsome, evil, sadistic, cruel, insane, ruthless, calm, collected, witty

animated age: over 800 toon years

real age: 10 real years

species: death god

comes from: Soul eater

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto


  • Death and Kid: Asura strongly despises his family and claims that they abandoned him. He has a habit of calling Kid ''little brother", but it is unknown if this is actually because he thinks of him as some sort of an ally or just to annoy him.

relations: Death (father); Death the Kid (brother)


  • He is named after the lowest rank of gods in Buddhism.
  • His original actor is Toshio Furukawa.
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