Beauty and the energy vampire is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

All of the robots in town are being attacked by an unknown enemy and the police is investigating. One night a female robot, named Robecca gets attacked as well and she discovers that the attacker is an energy vampire named NOS-4-A2.

characters in the episode Edit

- Robecca

- NOS-4-A2

- L

- Nick

- Judy

- Earl

- Marge

- queen Tara

- Newton

- B.E.N.

- Octus

- Bender

- Fender

- Baymax

- Elle

- Gabby

- Roxanne

- Dottie

- Rodney

- Fio

- Felix

- Winry

songs Edit

- Big eyes

- Wolf song

quotes Edit

- (Robecca confronts NOS-4-A2 for the first time)

  • Robecca:"Why are you doing this? Stealing energy from other robots is...wrong!"
  • NOS-4-A2: "I have my own truth, my dear."

trivia Edit

  • The title of the episode is an obvious parody of Beauty and the beast. There is also a very famous animated film adaptation of the story and the characters Belle, the Beast, mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Chip and Cogsworth originate from it.
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