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Beth Oblong is a major character. She is voiced by Jeannie Elias.

Beth Oblong.png


characteristics: ginger hair, short, slender, black eyes, cute, snarky, kind, quiet

animated age: 4 toon years

Real age: 16 real years

Species: Human

Relations: Bob and Pickles (parents); Milo, Chip and Biff (brothers); Lucky and Scottie (pets)

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Comes from: The Oblongs


  • her parents: She loves them both very much. Despite that she adores both of them, she seems to be closer with her mother.
  • her brothers: They annoy her from time to time, but she does not hold a grudge against them. She actually seems to respect and admire them.

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character


  • She is the youngest of the Oblong siblings.
  • She is a Gemini.