Big McIntosh is a secondary character. He is voiced by Peter New.

Big McIntosh

About the character Edit

Characteristics: big, muscular, red fur, green eyes, ginger mane and tail, brown harness, handsome, kind, calm, quiet, patient, honest, strong

Real age: 8 real years old

Family: Applejack (sister), Apple bloom (sister), Granny Smith (grandmother), Babs Seed (cousin), the Apple family (cousins, uncles, et cetera), Winona (pet)

Nicknames: He is sometimes called "Big Mac".

Catchphrase: "Eeyup!" or "Nope!"

Fun facts:

  • He shares his actor with Sunil and dr.Hooves.
  • He is the eldest of the Apple siblings.

species: pony

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

nationality: American

religion: Christian

comes from: My little pony Friendship is magic

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