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Billions and Billions, also known as the Newton wolves or the Billions brothers, are recurring characters. Good Billions is voiced by John Hodgman, while Bad Billions is voiced by GZA.

Billions and Billions.jpg


characteristics: Good Billions: tall, slender, bluish grey fur, pink eyes, wears glasses, handsome, polite, intelligent, diplomatic, patient, disciplined, occasionally fierce; Bad Billions: tall, slender, grey fur, pink eyes, handsome, aggressive, impulsive, intelligent, stubborn, loyal

created in: 2020

species: mutant wolves

nationality: Americans

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive characters (formerly negative)

occupation: astronomers; security guards

come from: Kipo and the Age of the wonderbeasts


  • Bad Billions has a slight New York accent.
  • They both are skilled rappers.
  • Their names are a reference to Carl Sagan's catchphrase "Billions and billions".