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Black Hat is a major antagonist. He is voiced by Alan Ituriel.

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A powerful being, who considers himself to be the greatest villain of all time. Black Hat is a teacher in Antagonistan's school, and he has both the awe and respect of his pupils.


characteristics: tall, slender, black skin, black eye, green teeth, handsome, evil, short-tempered, sadistic, mean, rude, arrogant, selfish, vain, easily-annoyed, cynical, self-centered, sarcastic, comedic, violent, aggressive, abusive, intelligent, impulsive, easily-bored, a little hedonistic, loves challenges, unpredictable

created in: 2012

species: unknown (presumed to be a demon)

comes from: Villanos/Villainous

nationality: Mexican

religion: Satanist

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

profession: teacher

nicknames: Shaula refers to him as "Top hat" almost exclusively.


  • He is never seen without a hat.
  • He can play the organ and the violin.
  • Even before his debut, there were already some Mexican-themed characters in the show, but Black hat is the first one who is actually from Mexico.
  • He has a strong disliking towards diclonii, even referring to their constant reliability on their vectors as the "coward's method". A little ironic, considering that his favorite pupil is a diclonius.
  • He has the habit of sometimes rolling the R in words that end with the letter.
  • Despite his abuse, he is the most popular teacher in the school, as well as the most competent.
  • It was revealed in the episode Catch up to me if you can, that he has replaced Crocker as the only male teacher.


  • his pupils: He becomes a teacher in Mexican godfather, but was very unhappy, at first, with the job. Although, he still makes the decision to try, thinking that the job would provide him with a challenge. Most of the time he expresses very low opinion about his pupils, frequently referring to them as "brats". However, he is occasionally shown to be proud of them when they succeed. Mariko is his favorite pupil and Rudy is his least favorite. In time, Black Hat even became somewhat protective of them, however his comments suggest that it is mostly a way to protect his own accomplishments as a teacher. There is a possibility that very deep down, he actually cares about his pupils. Evidence for this are the way he talks to Mariko and the fact that he always protects them from positive characters. Although, even if he does care, he would never admit it.
  • Mariko: As his favorite pupil, Black Hat treats Mariko differently than her classmates. After meeting her for the first time, he showed a lot of interest in her, as later he tried to teach her to walk without the aid of her wheelchair. However, at the beginning of the lesson, he treated her poorly, going as far as destroying her wheelchair and attempting to abandon her, when he thought that she will never walk. His general dislike for diclonii caused much of his behavior. However, his attitude changed when Mario started to show progress, impressing Black hat with her persistence and sadism. Ever since that moment, Mariko became Black Hat's favorite pupil, thus gaining his approval. The newly developed respect turned mutual, as Black Hat himself became the diclonius's favorite teacher. Their relationship developed to the point that Mariko began to care about him, since in Hot in Movietown, she expressed worry about him. Deep down, the girl sees him as a father-like figure, but being aware of her teacher's view on love, she keeps those feelings a secret.
  • Cozy glow: Cozy glow is one of his preferred pupils, ever since her debut in The perks of being a cartoon child, where she impressed him with her intelligence and ambition.
  • Shaula: He has a rivalry with his colleague Shaula. Both of them think that their respective teaching methods are superior, hence they are always trying to prove to each other who is the better teacher. None of the two treats the other with respect. In Hot in Movietown, in order to amuse herself, Shaula left Black Hat to look after the children all by himself, thinking that he could not handle the pressure.  
  • Toffee: The two first met in Mexican godfather, where Black hat arrives in Antagonistan. Toffee makes the decision to hire Black Hat as a teacher, much to the latter's dismay. Although unhappy at first with his majordomo's decision, Black Hat still gives it a try and he ends up actually enjoying his new job, because it provides him with a new challenge. Despite that his pupils respect him strongly, they still fear him as well, due to his bad temper, which becomes reason for Toffee often giving Black Hat advice about controlling his temper. In spite of this, the two antagonists have a mutual respect for each other, and neither is afraid of the other, though Black hat is the only known negative character who does not refer to Toffee as "sir", "boss" or "Mr. Toffee" (he still calls him "jefecito" from time to time). The two have a best-friend-like relationship. 
  • Varian: Black Hat treats Varian with a lot of hostility, constantly doubting the boy's potential. Even when he actually agrees to help Varian, it is usually by Toffee's request. However, the alchemist himself has a lot of respect towards Black Hat (usually referring to him as "Mr. Black Hat"). 
  • the king: The Horned king officially meets Black Hat in Mexican godfather, where the latter manages to impress the former with his abilities. As of that day, the king has treated Black hat with respect, that only a few antagonists know. Although, the teacher himself is shown to not take the king too seriously as a ruler, often talking about him in a rather casual or informal manner.