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Black beauty sisters are recurring antagonists. Sheshe is voiced by Laura Post and Mimi is voiced by Trina Nishimura.

Black beauty sisters.jpg
Sheshe (left) and Mimi (right)

Black beauty sister are a pair of singers in Antagonistan, known for their power to make positive characters feel pain via their singing. They serve as the main antagonists in the episode Toon patrol: Weasels in suits.


characteristics: Sheshe- tall, slender, curvy, ginger hair, blue eyes, beautiful, evil, dishonest, perverted, sadistic, manipulative, arrogant, cocky, power-hungry; Mimi- slender, curvy, blue hair, red eyes, beautiful, evil, dishonest, manipulative, perverted, cocky, arrogant, power-hungry

created in: 2004

species: water demons

comes from: the Mermaid melody pichi pichi pitch franchise

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative characters

animated ages: Sheshe- 17 toon years; Mimi-15 toon years

occupation: singers

catchphrase: "It's show time!"


  • Sheshe's original actress is Miki Tsuchiya.
  • Mimi's original actress is Noriko Shitaya.
  • In the episode Toon patrol: Weasels in suits was revealed that their songs do not have an effect on other antagonists.
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