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Bob Belcher is a secondary character. He is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

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About the character[]

Characteristics: a little plump, black hair, black eyes, white apron, white T-shirt, grey trousers, black shoes, handsome, calm, distracted, easily-annoyed, indifferent, pragmatic

Real age: 8 real years old

Family: Linda Belcher (wife), Tina and Louise Belcher (daughters), Gene Belcher (son)

Catchphrase: "Oh, my God!"

Full name: Robert Belcher junior

Fun facts:

  • His name means "bright fame".
  • His favourite movie is Working girl.
  • He is also a fan of western films.
  • He has a habit of talking to himself, via pretending that he is talking with inanimate objects.
  • He is allergic to lobsters and cat fur.
  • Most of his roles are minor, but he is a major character in the episode High time for noon.

Nicknames: He is often called "Bobby" by his wife.


  • his wife: He has a stable relationship with his wife. They rarely fight and most of the time talk with each other rather calmly. They do have a lot of thing they disagree with, but usually it is not something serious.
  • his children: His children do not respect them much and he treats them in a similar way, because he never hesiates to tell them when they are not good at something. Even though he still loves them strongly.
  • Homer, Geza, Fry: They are his best friends and he gets along with them with no problem.