Bob Oblong is a secondary character. He is voiced by Will Ferrell.

Bob Oblong

about Edit

characteristics: black hair, black eyes, slender, no limbs, handsome, kind, friendly, optimistic, naive, amiable, polite, helpful, patient

real age: 17 real years

species: human

relations: Pickles (wife); Milo, Beth, Chip and Biff (children); Lucky and Scottie (pets)

nationality: American

religion: Christian

comes from: The Oblongs

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

profession: works in the electric company

catchphrase: "Awooga!", usually towards his wife


  • with his wife: He is a very loving and supportive husband towards Pickles. He clearly respects and adores her and loves being around her.
  • with his children: He is a very loving and supportive father to his children. He cares strongly about them and always shows support to them, at times even when he does not understand or does not like their choices.


  • He is based on 1950's TV fathers.
  • He is chocoholic.
  • His lack of limbs imply that he may have a Tetra-amelia syndrome.
  • Despite lacking limbs, he is still able to drive a car and play the piano.
  • He shares his actor with Lord Business and Megamind.
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