Bunnymund is a major character. He is voiced by Hugh Jackman and has an Australian accent.


About the character Edit

Characteristics: tall, slender, muscular, grey fur, green eyes, handsome, patient, grumpy, loyal, manly, nice, hardworking, arrogant, comedic, witty, fearless, self-confident, cocky, intelligent

Animated age: more than 300 animated years old

Real age: 5 real years old

Full name: E. Aster Bunnymund

Nicknames: Despite knowing his name, Shen often calls him "Rabbit" just to annoy him.

Species: Rabbit

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Comes from: Rise of the guardians

Profession: Easter bunny, royal guard/queen Tara' s bodyguard

influence on other toons: Due to being the royal bodyguard and a local Easter bunny, everybody in town knows who he is. He is very respected and admired by the citizens, especially children. Children look at him as their favourite hero and really adore him. Also a lot of women seem to be attracted to him, due to his good looks. In fact, he is considered to be the hottest man in Movietown.


  • queen Tara: At first Bunnymund doubted she could make a good ruler, but he eventually saw what she is truly capable of and from that moment on he became her loyal bodyguard. Bunnymund truly respects and admires the queen and is always ready to protect her.
  • Elsa: She is among his closest friends and he treats her with understanding and compassion, though most of the time he is very sour.
  • Nick: The two share a healthy friendship with each other.
  • Judy: He supports her as a friend and acts as her ally, when it comes to being a rabbit trying to prove herself/himself.
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