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'''Cal Devereaux '''is a recurring characater. He is voiced by Khamani Griffin.
[[File:Cal Devereaux.jpg|thumb|361x361px]]
[[File:Cal Devereaux.jpg|thumb|361x361px|sabout:blank]]
He is officer Earl Devereaux's son, but lives in [[Filmville]] with his mother (who doesn't show up in the show), despite that his parents are not divorced. He is also a pupil in [[Learn and discover!]].
== About the character ==
'''Characteristics''': short, slender, brown hair, brown eyes, black jacket, blue jeans, red shoes, handsome, cute, kind, playful, cool-minded
'''Animated age''': 10 animated years old
'''Real age:''' 6 real years old
'''Family''': [[Earl Devereaux]] (father)
'''Fun facts''': His name means "little bald one".
'''Full name''': Calvin Devereaux
'''Relationships'''- He loves his family, his friends and has good relations with the citizens of Filmville.
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[[Category:Animated characters]]
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[[Category:Computer-animated characters]]

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