Cass Hamada is a major character. She is voiced by Maya Rudolph.

Cass Hamada

About the character Edit

Characteristics: tall, slender, blue trousers, red shoes, green eyes, black T-shirt, brown hair, silver necklace, beautiful, kind, loving, funny, upbeat

Real age: 4 real years

Family: Hiro Hamada (nephew), Tadashi Hamada (nephew), Mochi (pet); Death (boyfriend; temporary)

Fun facts:  

  • She is Burn's colleague.  
  • Her name means "she who entangles men". 

Likes: poetry, desserts, her nephews, her pet, her friends, her job, watching movies 

Hates: her nephews behaving badly 

species: human

comes from: Big hero 6

race: computer-animated

subrace: positive character

profession: owns a cafe

nationality: American

religion: Christian


  • Tadashi and Hiro: She loves strongly both of her nephews. She always shows them much affection, support and concern, though she still has moments when she is not very satisfied with their actions.
  • the Toon patrol: She is their best friend and usually is acting very friendly towards them. She supports them, when they need to, though she has a few moments when she shows confusion of disagreement towards their actions.
  • Patty, Angelique, Lucy: They are among her closest friends, especially Lucy. She loves to have fun, with them, shop with them and sharing gossips with them.
  • Renato: She sees him as a really nice and gentle guy, who she really loves to have as a friend and is completely unaware of his true feelings. 
  • Death: Due to having similar personalities, she started a relationship with Death in the episode Specialist in everything heartbreaking that continued for a few episodes. Their relationship with each other was very loving and passionate, unfortunately they eventually broke up. 
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