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Celestia is a secondary character. She is voiced by Nicole Oliver.


About the character[]

Characteristics: tall, slender, white fur, colorful mane and tail, golden crown, pink eyes, beautiful, kind, loving, wise, intelligent, elegant

Animated age: more than 1000 toon years

Real age: 8 real years old

Family: Luna (sister), Cadance (niece), Twilight Sparkle (niece-in-law), Shining armor (nephew-in-law), Philomena (pet), Flurry heart (great-niece)

Fun facts:

  • Her name means "heavenly".
  • She is the older sister.
  • She shares her actress with Cheerilee, Zoe and Henna.
  • In her original appearance in My little pony Friendship is magic, she is known as princess Celestia.