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Charlie Magne is a recurring character. She is voiced by Jill Harris.



characteristics: tall, slender, blonde hair, black eyes, black nails, black lips, pale skin, beautiful, kind, friendly, polite, childish, optimistic, compassionate, creative, forgiving, naive

animated age: 200+ toon years

created in: 2019

species: demon

nationality: American

religion: unknown

race: traditionally-animated

comes from: Hazbin hotel

subrace: positive character

full name: Charlotte Magne

family: Vaggie (girlfriend)


  • Her name is a play on "Charlemagne".
  • Her favorite musicals are Something rotten, Legally blonde, Funny girl, Chicago, and Cats. The Harry Potter series are her favorite books.
  • She is bisexual.
  • She likes pineapple on pizza,