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Cozy glow is a main antagonist. She is voiced by Sunni Westbrook.

Cozy Glow.jpg

She makes her debut in The perks of being a cartoon child, as a major antagonist. During her first day at Antagonistan's school she suggest for the entire class to go camping in the same forest where the pupils from Movietown are.

After this episode, she keeps making appearances as a pupil.


characteristics: blue mane and tail, red eyes, pink fur, cute, beautiful, evil, intelligent, power-hungry, manipulative, charismatic, deceptive, arrogant, hot-tempered, hypocritical, selfish

species: Pegasus pony

created in: 2018

comes from: My little pony Friendship is magic

nationality: American

religion: Christian

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative character

occupation: pupil

nicknames: She is sometimes called "Cozy" for short.


  • her classmates: Cozy glow is hinted not to think of her classmates as equals, instead frequently seeking opportunities to look superior, which is shown by her efforts to become Black hat's favorite pupil.
  • Black hat: He is the teacher who introduces her to the class in Cozy glow's debut appearance. At first, he does not show any high expectations from her, until she suggest for the class to go camping, as an opportunity to cause chaos for positive characters. Impressing her teacher with her ambition and wit, the pony quickly becomes one of his more preferred pupils. As of her first day, she constantly seeks ways to impress him.