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Crona Gorgon is a major character. She is voiced by Maxey Whitehead.


Crona is the daughter of Medusa Gorgon, powerful witch and a nurse in Antagonistan, but unfortunately she is not treated with the same respect, since she is a victim of abuse from both her family and other antagonists. In The septarian's apprentice, she develops a crush on Death the Kid.


characteristics: slender, curvy, flat-chested, pink hair, blue eyes, beautiful, shy, cowardly, nervous, obedient, calm, naive, paranoid

created in: 2008

Animated age: 14 toon years

Species: witch-human hybrid

Relations: Medusa (mother), Arachne and Shaula (aunts)

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Shinto

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Antagonist

Comes from: Soul eater

Catchphrase: " I do not know how to deal with..."

theme song: Feel


  • Medusa: Crona is very obedient of her mother but because of fear, not respect. She treats Medusa as one of the few cartoons she can actually trust and this is the reason why she is afraid to interact with others.
  • Ragnarok: Ragnarok and Crona have a relationship similar to that of an abusive older brother and a scared little sister. They always fight and argue with each other. Ragnarok treats her with a lot of abuse (both physical and verbal). But from time to time, he is shown to care about her, such as the cases when he protects her from the Gangreen gang's bullying.
  • Toffee: Crona trusts Toffee completely because he is one of the few toons who does not abuse her, and also the only father-figure she has in her life.
  • the Horned king: She does not interact with him directly, but she is shown to be terrified of him.
  • Kid: Crona has been in love with Kid, ever since the episode The septarian's apprentice. From then on, she has tried numerous times to attract his attention. Her crush on him became her motivation to not give up her dreams. Their mutual relationship seemed platonic at first, but in the episode The brave robot will take the diamond, Kid is shown slowly returning her feelings.
  • her aunts: She has tried to get their attention at times, but with no good results, just like with everyone else.
  • Varian: They first meet in the episode Varian takes Antagonistan. Their relationship starts as completely platonic, but in the episode Laboratory space, the alchemist falls in love with her, with her remaining unaware of those feelings, seeing him only as her best friend. Varian knows about Crona's feelings for Kid, but he refuses to accept them. In Another Cronarella story, Varian begs her to choose him, instead of Kid, to which she refuses, angering the alchemist as a result. In the end, the three reconcile and became friends.
  • the Gangreen gang: Prior to meeting Varian, Crona was bullied by the Gangreen gang, although mostly verbally, since they were afraid of Ragnarok. Even after the harassment desisted, she still feared them. In Jab they met, Crona is one of the few toons, willing to give Snake a second chance.


  • Despite being portrayed as a female in the show, the character's official gender is actually unknown.
  • She shares her original actress Maaya Sakamoto with Ciel and Haruhi.
  • Her blood is black and it can be used as a weapon too.
  • She shares her English actress with Alphonse.