Cronarella is an episode of the show. The episode focuses mainly on Crona and is a parody of Cinderella.

main plot Edit

Crona feels miserable due to her terrible life that is filled with different kinds of abuse and mistreatment. Everything looks so hopeless that she is starting to lose all her hopes and dreams that one day everything would change. That is until one day she meets Death the Kid and something starts to happen in her mind. She develops a small crush on him and that reflects her entire view on her life and her future.

characters Edit

- Crona

- Ragnarok

- Medusa

- Black hat

- other villainous children: Darla, Jack, Mariko, et cetera

- Shaula

- Arachne

- Death the Kid

songs Edit

- Toxic

- Hello hello

- Take me home

- Sweet dreams

- Someday out of the blue

- Feel

quotes Edit

- (Ragnarok to Crona when putting an end to her dream sequence): "Hey, Cher! Wake up! Enough daydreaming!"

- (Medusa ordering Crona what to do): "Do all your work or there won't be any dinner, okay Cindere...(complertely insincere) Oops, I meant Crona.

trivia Edit

- This is the first time when Kid and Crona meet in the show.

- The scene where Crona was imagining herself dancing with Kid, while singing Take me home, is a parody of the official music video of the song itself. Also the outfits they were both wearing during the dream sequence were a direct reference to the 2015 live-action Disney remake of Cinderella.

- Another reference is that Ragnarok actually makes a remark on the fact that Crona was unintentionally singing out loud a Cher song, by teasingly calling her Cher.

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