The Cultural festival is among the most popular celebrations in the Cartoon kingdom. As a holiday, it is meant to pay tribute to the fact that the kingdom is a home to many different nationalities, and yet it does not belong to a specific nation. The festival is celebrated every year on a different date, with the celebrations lasting for a week.

As demonstrated in the episode With immigrants at the festival, during the celebration, a cultural fair is founded at the center of the town. It is separated into different activities, contests and games, each themed after a certain nationality. Cartoon characters prepare different types of cuisine for the festival, such as tacos (for Mexico), cheeseburgers (for the USA), onigiri (for Japan), etc. Dance and musical contests are held, which allow volunteers to participate in dancing or singing the traditional dances and songs from the country, the contest is paying tribute to (namely a yodeling contest for German-speaking countries). Other activities include being chased by Kentauros, as a reference to the encierro in Spain.

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