Daisy is a major character. She is voiced by Courteney Cox.


About the character Edit

Characteristics: tall, pink bow, blue eyes, a mark on her belly, yellow fur, beautiful, kind, loving, caring, nice, patient, loyal

Real age: 11 real years

Family: Otis (husband), Lil' Ben (son), Ben (father-in-law)

comes from: Barnyard

nationality: American

religion: Christian

race: computer-animated

subrace: positifve character

profession: milkmaid

Fun facts:

  • Her name means "day's eye" or "pearl".

Relationships Edit

With her family- Daisy loves deeply her family. She always loves and supports her husband and shows great care for him and her son.

With Hova and Laila- Hova and Laila are Daisy's best friends and she has a great relationship with them.

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