Dawn Bellwether is a secondary antagonist. She is voiced by Jenny Slate.

She can always be seen accompanying Toffee as his assistant.

About the character Edit

Characteristics: short, slender, green eyes, white fur (wool), glasses, blue coat, multicolor skirt, beautiful, cute, evil, intelligent, sly, ruthless, manipulative

Real age: 4 real years

Species: Sheep


  • Her clothes are made of wool.
  • The term "bellwether" refers to a sheep, that leads a herd.
  • Ironically "Dawn" means "daybreak".
  • In all her appearances, she can be seen right next to Toffee, as his assistant. The human thief is the only episode where she appears without him.

Race: Computer-animated

Subrace: Antagonist

Religion: Christian

Breed: Border Leicester sheep

Nationality: American

Profession: Assistant of a majordomo

Comes from: Zootopia


  • Toffee: She is rarely seen without her boss. Bellwether is very obedient towards him, as she follows his orders without hesitation. She works hard, in order to do the work properly. Bellwether is implied to care about her boss, as she showed a little concern for him in the episode Toffee's list.
  • Fear: Like their bosses, Toffee and Hunter's assistants are in a rivalry with each other, though not as explicit one.
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