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Death or Shinigami is a secondary character. He is voiced by John Swansey.



Characteristics: slender, black body, white mask, cute, funny, goofy, friendly, polite, childish, protective, impavid, immature, comedic, kind, friendly

Animated age: more than 800 toon years

Real age: 10 real years

Species: Death god

Profession: Judge

Relations: Death the Kid and Asura (sons); Cass (girlfriend; temporary)

Nationality: Japanese


Comes from: Soul eater

Race: Traidtionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character

catchphrase: "What's up?" and "Mandolin?"


  • He is never seen without his mask.
  • His original actor is Rikiya Koyama.
  • He usually appears a minor character, but he is a protagonist in the episodes Love rumble and Guardians of family bonds.


  • Death the Kid: Although confused by his perfectionistic tendencies, Death really loves his son and treats him with much affection.
  • Asura: Despite being his older son, Death actually strongly despises Asura and claims that he is a disgrace for the family.
  • Cass: He started a relationship with Cass in the episode Specialist in everything heartbreaking that continued for a few episodes. The two had a very loving and even passionate relationship. They were getting along, due to having similar personalities, but eventually they broke up.