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Death the Kid is a major character. He is voiced by Todd Haberkorn.

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Kid is the son of a wealthy judge in Filmville, however he does not take advantage of his father's status, aiming to achieve a life of his own instead. In Movietown , was hired as a butler by queen Tara, and he takes his job seriously. In Cronarella, he becomes Crona Gorgon's love interest, with the feelings eventually becoming mutual.


Characteristics: slender, black hair with white stripes, yellow eyes, handsome, calm, intelligent, perfectionistic, posh, elegant, organised, comedic, dramatic, neurotic, devoted to his job, loyal, impavid, easily-annoyed, easily-offended

Animated age: 15 toon years

created in: 2008

Species: Death god

Profession: Butler

Comes from: Soul eater

Nationality: Japanese

Religion: Shinto

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character

Nicknames: He is very often called "butler boy" by Hunter, Nick and many other toons.

Catchphrase: "Absolutely perfect!"; he also has a habit of calling everything and everyone he does not like "disgusting"

family: Death (father); Asura (brother);

influence on other toons: Due to the fact that he is the royal butler, most of the citizens know who he is. He has a reputation of being a "good, but odd boy" and is known for his very strong perfectionistic tendencies. Children in town admire him, since they look at him as some sort of an ally, because he is a bit closer to their ages. Many teenage girls have a crush on him, such as Tina Belcher, Kriszta Mezga and even Crona.


  • Hunter: Hunter and Kid do not seem to like each other very much. Hunter treats him as nothing more than a child or a butler and Kid usually responds to this with sarcastic and witty remarks. Despite this they are far from hatred.
  • Crona: Despite knowing each other long before the events in the show, they barely interacted before the episode Cronarella where Crona falls in love with Kid. After that encounter, they meet again in the episodes The septarian's apprentice and Paint it black. In the episode The brave robot will take the diamond it is revealed that Kid starting to fall in love with Crona. In Another Cronarella story, Kid decided to go to Antagonistan, to save her from her abusive family.
  • queen Tara: Kid really admires and respects the queen. He is really proud of working for her and never complains about his job. Although he still has some moments when he does not share her opinion.
  • Ciel: He treats Ciel with tolerance and respect and is good friends with him.
  • Eren: Due to being the same age, Kid treats Eren as one of his few allies among the queen's personal staff and they are best friends.
  • Death: His relationship with his father is similar to that with the queen. He really admires and respects him though he still has times when he doubts or disagrees with him. Their relationship was displayed in Guardians of family bonds, wherein it was revealed that Kid has left Filmville and moved in Movietown, as an attempt to start a life of his own. However, his decision makes him feel guilty, as he believes that he has abandoned his father.
  • Asura: He is shown to have a strong hatred towards his brother, because he is a villain.
  • Sebastian: It is said that gods and demons are supposed to hate each other, but apparently that does not go for to Kid and Sebastian. Since Kid often visits Ciel, he and Sebastian sometimes end up interacting with each other. They respect each other as colleagues and seem to get along most of the time, but sometimes Kid shows disgust towards Sebastian.
  • Varian: In their earlier interactions, being the receiver of Crona's feelings, Varian saw Kid as a threat. Because of this, Varian started to see himself as less attractive and unworthy of love. Kid himself, never had any grudge against the alchemist. Throughout his stay in Antagonistan, he treated Varian with sympathy and even apologized for being the cause of these feelings. The two eventually become friends, to the point that Kid offers Varian live in Movietown instead.
  • Toffee: In The septarian's apprentice, Toffee kidnaps Kid, with the intention of making the boy his apprentice. Despite being a positive character, Toffee treated him as an equal, saving him from Bloth and Envy, offering a towel to wipe his face and even asking if he is okay. While being held hostage, Kid starts to see antagonists in a different light- he started to see their pain and how much they have struggled, however, this still did not make him join them.


  • His name is a reference to Billy the Kid.
  • He is obsessed with symmetry. It is actually unknown why but there are two theories that could explain it: 1. He has an OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder); 2. It comes from him being a god and trying to make everything in order.
  • 8 is his favourite number, because it is "perfectly symmetrical".
  • His relationship with Hunter is actually inspired by the relationship between the characters Niles and C.C. Babcock from the sitcom "The nanny".
  • He shares his original actor Mamoru Miyano with Light and Tamaki.
  • He shares his English actor with Hikaru, Italy, Allen and Haruka.
  • His color scheme bears resemblance to Toffee's, since they both have black hair, yellow eyes, and mostly black clothing. Their similarities have actually been referenced in the show.