Dennis is a recurring character. He is voiced by Asher Blinkoff.


About the character Edit

Characteristics: short, slender, ginger hair, blue eyes, handsome, cute, kind, friendly, dreamy, loving, upbeat, smart, modest

Animated age: 5 toon years

Real age: 3 real years

Species: Dhampyr (human-vampire hybrid)

Religion: Christian

Nationality: American

Family: Jonathan and Mavis (parents), Dracula (grandfather)

Nicknames: His grandfather calls him "Denisovich" and Winnie calls him "Zing".

Fun facts:

  • He has a habit of saying "cebause", instead of "because".
  • Batman is his favourite superhero.
  • His design bears resemblance to Harris, Hubert and Hamish's designs.

Full name: Dennis Dracula-Loughran

Comes from: the Hotel Transylvania franchise


  • his family: Dennis adores his family and is very obedient and patient towards them.
  • Junior: He loves being around Junior and refers to him as "uncle Junior".
  • Winnie: Winnie is one of his closest friends. She has a crush on him, but he prefers the two of them to be just friends. Despite this, he does care about her.
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