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Egg Bois are recurring antagonists. They are all voiced by Joe Gran.

Egg bois.png

They are sir Pentious' minions, who always ingratiate their boss.

They serve as the secondary antagonists in the episode Nightmares for Christmas.


characteristics: small, plump, yellow eyes, white bodies, numbers on their backs, cute, loyal, upbeat, silly, fragile, seem to enjoy being harmed

created in: 2019

species: demons

comes from: Hazbin hotel

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative characters

nationality: Americans

religion: Satanists

occupation: sir Penious' minions


  • sir Pentious: They have a complicated relationship with their boss. The Egg Bois themselves admire him highly, and some of them are even implied to be infatuated with him, despite the verbal and physical abuse he puts them through. However, deep down, sir Pentious does care about them, and the evidence is that he occasionally enjoys their compliments and that he would fix their toys, if they are broken.