El Filmjefo is the capital and biggest town in The Cartoon kingdom, located in a forest in Washington, USA.

Ruler Edit

- the queen of El Filmjefo

Known Locations Edit

-- a school

- the royal castle

- the Crazy club

- the Alakazam jail

Captain of the royal army Edit

- Wildwing Flashblade

Majordomo Edit

- Callie Briggs

Known celebrities Edit

- the queen

- the Crescendolls

- Jem and the Holograms

- Tatyana Tushenko

- Geronimo Stilton

- Katie Current

- Speedy Gonzales

Known sites Edit

- the royal castle

- the big statue of a phoneix at the centre of the town

- the Star of El Filmjefo

- the planetatrium

trivia Edit

- It is the most populated town in the Cartoon kingdom.

- The town has a very negative reputation among negative characters, since it is the location of The Alakazam jail, where all antagonists were incarcerated, as seen in The cartoony civilization. In Old school musical, after he came up with the plan to steal the gems, the Horned king calls it the "guiltiest town". In the same episode, one of the pirates' reasons for agreeing to steal the Star of El Filmjefo was that El Filmjefo was "in (their) blacklist anyway".

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