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Elsa is a major character. She is voiced by Idina Menzel.

She is queen Tara's royal assistant.


About the character[]

Characteristics: tall, slender, blonde hair, blue dress, white shoes, beautiful, kind, smart, elegant, girly, fun-loving, perfectionistic, stubborn, selfless

Animated age: 21 animated years old

Real age: 4 real years old

Family: Anna (sister)

influence on other toons: Due to being the royal assistant, everybody in town knows who she is. The citizens refer to her almost exclusively as "ms. Elsa" and they treat her with a lot of respect. She is popular among children.


  • queen Tara: Elsa really respects the queen and never complains about her job. The two seem to be very good friends, since they enjoy sharing gossips, walking through the town together and even going to the spa together.
  • Hunter: Most of the time she treats Hunter with tolerance and patience. Though she often critisizes him, when he is critisizing someone else.
  • Bunnymund: He seems to be her closest friend and among the few cartoons, whom she truly trusts.
  • Anna: She has a strong and healthy relationship with her younger sister. Elsa loves her more than anything and is always ready to do whatever it takes to make her happy.
  • Judy: The two are close freinds with each other and spend much time together.
  • Death the Kid: She seems to get along with Kid, but they do not interact much.

Fun facts:

  • She has the magical power to make snow and ice.
  • Her name means "pledged to God".
  • She is a very skilled singer.