Fantastic racism and where to find it is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

The episode focuses mainly on Randall and his origins. We start with a scene in the present showing Mike, Sulley, Celia and Randall having fun together at the public pool.

Randall abandons his people, in order to start a new life in a different town. He arrives in Movietown, but unfortunately he is not welcomed well. The local cartoon characters quickly misjudge him, thinking that he is going to cause them nothing but trouble, simply because he is an antagonist. Queen Tara finds out about the situation and convinces Celia to try to befriend Randall. Although a little nervous about it, Celia accepts the job. Unluckily for her Randall is aware of the fact she is being nice with him, only because it was the queen's request. After an emotional conversation, the two finally come to the conclusion that if Randall really wants to stay in Movietown, then he must work hard to deserve his right. From then on, Randall started to live the life of a true citizen of Movietown and eventually befriends Sulley and Mike as well.

characters Edit

- Randall

- Celia

- Mike

- Sulley

- queen Tara

- Elsa

- Death the Kid

songs Edit

- Cheap thrills

- Elastic heart

quotes Edit

- (Sullivan's thoughts): "I still cannot believe that we became friends with Randall. If we can be friends with HIM, then maybe...

trivia Edit

- The title of the episode is a refrence to the movie Fantastic beasts and where to find them.

- It is among the most dramatic and emotional episodes.

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