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Fear is a secondary character. He is voiced by Bill Hader.


He is an anthropomorphic emotion, who works for Hunter as his assistant. Despite the abuse he gets from his boss, Fear is the closest thing the majordomo has to a friend.

He is in a rivalry with Dawn Bellwether, Toffee's assistant.

About the character[]

Characteristics: tall, thin, purple skin, white sweater, pink bowtie, purple eyes, purple trousers, brown shoes, handsome, friendly, cowardly, organized, protective, sometimes sarcastic, loves when the job is done properly, perfectionistic, not ashamed of being a coward, weak-willed

Animated age: 12 animated years old

created in: 2015


  • He shares his actor with Flint and Guy.
  • His design is based on a raw nerve.

Profession: Assistant of a majordomo

Species: Emotion

Comes from: Inside out

Race: Computer-animated

Subrace: Positive character

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian


  • Hunter: Fear is Hunter's assistant and the majority of their relationship is professional. Fear is dedicated to doing his job properly and frequently seeks his boss' approval, which he not always receives. However, the stork occasionally shows Fear some kindness, treating him like a friend, namely when he offers him to drink coffee together or the rare moments when Hunter seeks Fear for emotional support, as demonstrated in Who banished Hunter.
  • Bellwether: Similarly to their respective bosses, Fear and Bellwether also have a rivalry against each other, though not as explicit one. While Hunter and Toffee both want to prove to each other their own superiority, Fear and Bellwether's relationship is based mostly on their personalities- Bellwether's selfishness and cruelty provokes Fear to become more aggressive and competitive in his behavior.
  • Kid: Despite not interacting much with each other, Fear sees Kid as a really nice boy, who does not deserve to be insulted by Hunter.
  • Ms. Grunion: They interact only in Who banished Hunter, when ms. Grunion (temporarily) became the new majordomo of Movietown. Unlike Hunter, Ms. Grunion did not treat Fear with any form of tolerance, lacking the occasional friendliness that Hunter displayed. As a result, Fear loathed worked for her, and his relationship with the woman made him realize that he misses Hunter.