Filmville is a town in Pais de Animation. It is located in a forest in Montana.

Rulers Edit

- queen Elinor

- king Fergus

Locations Edit

- a spa

- the royal castle

- a chinese restaurant

- a cafe

- a school

- a Mexican restaurant

- a museum

- Sweet apple acres

- a beauty salon

- a bakery

- a hospital

- a police office

- a flower shop

- an arcade

- other restaurant

- a circus

- a laboratory

- a library

- the Witch's shop

- a post office

- a boutique

Captain of the royal army Edit

- Shining armor

Majordomo Edit

- Paul Peterson

Known celebrities Edit

- Gazelle

- Kagamine Rin and Len

Known sites Edit

- the royal castle

- the Eye of Filmville

trivia Edit

- The citizens of Pais de Animation call Filmville ''the twin town of Movietown".

- It is also known as the town, where the scariest soldiers live.

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