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Flint's crew are a group of pirates, led by captain Flint after the retirement of their previous captain, Long John Silver.


They appear as secondary antagonists in Old school musical, following their captain in stealing the Star.

some of the pirates, from left to right: Bird brain Mary, Blinko, Fayvoon, Turnbuckle, Aguanoggin and Grewnge


- Scroop (Flint's first mate and second-in-command; voiced by Michael Wincott)

- Snuff (voiced by Bob Bergen)

- Onus (voiced by Corey Burton)

- Turnbuckle (voiced by Roger Bumpass)

- Bird brain Mary (Mickie McGowan)

- Longbourne (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)

- Grewnge (voiced by Jack Angel)

- Torrance (voiced by Jim Ward)

- Verne (voiced by Paul Eiding)

- Blinko (voiced by Phil Proctor)

- Hedley (voiced by John Cygan)

- Feyvoon (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)

- Hands (voiced by Mike McShane)

- Aguanoggin (voiced by Patrick Pinney)

- Mertock (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)


come from: Treasure planet

species: aliens

created in: 2002

nationality: Americans

religion: Christians

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: negative characters


- Hands is named after the character of Isral Hands from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure island, however Scroop is the one who is based on him.

- Onus shares his actor with professor Von Drake.

- Being Flint's first mate, Scroop has the most dominant as a character among them (having the most lines and screen time).