Footsteps in the forest is an episode of the show.

plot Edit

The episode is focusing on how the whole war affects the lives of the ordinary citizens.

The battles and chasing off criminals are becoming more frequent recently and a few couples and families decide to go camping for a while as a chance to rest in peace away from the noisy town. The proble is that even there they cannot rest, since there is something preventing them from having a good time in the quiet forest, like disgreements between each other.

characters in the episode Edit

- Bob, Pickles, Milo, Beth, Lucky, Scottie, Chip and Biff

- Bob, Linda, Gene, Louise and Tina

- Darryl, Wanda, Zoe and Charlie

- Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie

- Roger and Jessica

- Geza, Paula, Kriszta, Aladar, Bloki and Maffia

- Naveen and Tiana

- Kyon and Mikuru

- Heppokomaru and Beauty

- Kyon's sister and Mama Kangaroo (mentioned)

songs Edit

- Fireball

- Hush

trivia Edit

- The title is a parody of the film Footsteps in the sand.

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