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Gene Belcher is a major character. He is voiced by Eugene Mirman.

Gene Belcher.png

About the character[]

Characteristics: plump, black hair, black eyes, yellow T-shirt, blue pants, red shoes, kind, energetic, eccentric, goofy, creative, brave, excitable, loyal, clueless, keyboard-playing

Animated age: 11 cartoon years

Real age: 5 real years

Species: Human

Profession: Pupil

Family: Bob Belcher (father), Linda Belcher (mother), Tina Belcher and Louise Belcher (sisters)

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Comes from: Bob's burgers

Race: Traditionally-animated


  • He is the middle one of the Belcher siblings.


  • his parents: He does not listen much to his parents, but he loves them. Though he is not very close with his father, as much as he is with his mother.
  • his sisters: He usually can be seen with them. Gene listens to what Louise told him to do and is usually oblivious to what happens around.