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Geza Mezga is a secondary character. In the show he is voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

Geza Mezga.jpg


characteristics: plump, black hair, black eyes, goofy, comedic, short-tempered, impulsive, immature

Real age: 48 real years

Species: Human

Nationality: Hungarian

Religion: Christian

Relations: Paula (wife), Kriszta and Aladar (children), Bloki and Maffia (pets), Homer, Fry, Bob, Carl (best friends),

Comes from: the Mezga family

Race: Traditionally-animated

Subrace: Positive character


  • Paula: He is very obedient of his wife and never has the courage to refuse. The two usually argue, disagree or snark each other. They are the least happy couple in the show.
  • his children: He does not have a very healthy relationship with his children, since they do not respect him much, but he seems to be closer with Aladar.
  • Carl, Bob, Homer, Fry: They can be considered to be best friends, since they always hang out and talk about their dysfunctional families.