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Gimpy Taylor is a major character. He is voiced by Pete Williams.


Gimpy is a self-proclaimed geek and a devoted Star wars fan. He is the owner of a local arcade, where he works alongside Coop. As of Normal activity, he dates Rose. Their relationship serves as central plot of many episodes.


characteristics: tall, slender, brown hair, brown and black eye, skinny, ugly, intelligent, eccentric, proud, erudite, a drama queen, selfish, comedic

animated age: 19 toon years

created in: 2001

species: human

profession: works in an amusement arcade

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

comes from: Undergrads

nationality: American

religion: Jediism

real name: Justin Taylor

family: Rose (girlfriend)


  • Rose: Rose is Gimpy's most significant relationship in the show. The two first met in the episode But I'm unemployed where Rose was fired from her job which left her forced to look for a new job. She found a job in the arcade place where she met both Coop and Gimpy. She treated both of them with respect, but Gimpy did not return that respect. He felt uncomfortable with her presence and eventually he told her to leave. Luckily, Gimpy apologized to her, after finding out that she has a baby to take care of, all by herself. She forgives him and in the end of the episode they considered the possibility of going out on a date. In the episode Normal activity, he has trouble admitting that he has a crush on her, but he eventually overcomes it and in the end they go out on a date, officially becoming a couple. In time, Gimpy became very protective of his relationship with her, since in Lord of the hearts he was scared by the fact that he might lose her. His worry grew to the point that he started to get jealous easily when she was approached by attractive men.
  • Coop: The two share the same workplace, so their relationship was formed by the time that they have spent working together. Most of the time they treat each other casually and not very professionally. Though, they still have moments when they disagree with each other. Coop was the first who was unhappy with Gimpy's attitude towards Rose.
  • Nitz Walsh: The two have been created together and as a result they are very close friends. Nitz often serves as the voice of reason for Gimpy, giving him advice about how to talk to Rose. Although Nitz cares about Gimpy, he still cannot deny that his friend's own ego can become an obstacle in his relationship with her. In Lord of the hearts, Nitz comes to Rose's apartment to talk to her about Gimpy, asking her to give him a chance.
  • Cal: Just like with Nitz, Gimpy and Cal have known each other ever since they were created. Despite not hating Cal, Gimpy is shown to be slightly insecure about his friendship with him, since in Lord of the hearts, he expresses worry about Cal and Rose meeting, fearing that his girlfriend might leave him for Cal.
  • Andy: Andy is one of the arcade's regular customers and a friend to Gimpy and Coop as well. Unlike the other two, Andy is more confident in talking to women and the one more interested in going out on a date. As such, he expresses confusion in Gimpy's hesitation about asking Rose out. Despite that, Andy cares about his friend and often offers him advice.

catchphrase: "...the Hell?"


  • He is a big fan of the Star wars movies.
  • He can be described as gynophobic, since he seems to be afraid or just dislikes talking to women. Although he does have moments when he shows respect towards some women.
  • He dislikes the Star Trek franchise.
  • He is terrible at sports or any other physical activities.
  • He also loves comic books and video games.
  • He is not a good singer.
  • He shares his actor with Nitz and Cal.
  • He used to date She-Prime.
  • Rose always calls him Gimpy. She refers to him by his real name Justin only when she is mad at him.