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Gorillaz are secondary characters. 2D is voiced by Kevin Bishop and has a Cockney accent, Murdoc Niccals- by Phil Cornwell and has Cockney accent, Noodle- by Haruka Abe and has a Japanese accent and Russel Hobbs- by Remi Kabaka jr. and has a Brooklyn accent.


Gorillaz are a very famous band in the Cartoon kingdom, who are said to have made a great impact on not just music industry in the kingdom, but also in the entire world, and because of this they are sometimes referred to as "the World's greatest cartoon band".


- 2D (vocal)

- Murdoc Niccals (bassist)

- Noodle (guitarist)

- Russel Hobbs (drummer)

Former members[]

- Ace (Bass player)

- Paula Cracker (Guitar player)

About the characters[]

Characteristics: 2D- tall, slender, blue hair, no eyes, white shirt, yellow shoes, brown pants, handsome, cute, foolish, kind, friendly, often unconfident, modest; Murdoc Niccals- slender, tall, black hair, one black eye and one pink eye, one red nail, brown boots, black blouse, grey trousers, yellow necklace, tattoos on his right arm, ugly, aggressive, short-tempered, arrogant, sadisitc, selfish, loud, pervert, comedic, rude, grumpy, intelligent; Noodle- slender, black hair, black eyes, white T-shirt, white trousers, white shoes, beautiful, athletic, tough, fearless, friendly, upbeat; Russel Hobbs- plump, white eyes, white T-shirt, brown trousers, handsome, tough, calm, quiet, selfless, slightly prone to violence

Nationalities: British

Religions: 2D, Russel and Noodle- Christians, Murdoc- Satanist

Race: Traditionally-animated

Species: humans

Profession: Musicians

created in: 1998

Cartoon ages: Murdoc- 49 cartoon years, Noodle- 25 cartoon years, Russel- 40, 2D- 37

Real name: 2D- Stu Pot; Noodle-unknown

Full name: 2D- Stuart Harold Pot; Murdoc- Murdoc Alphons/Faust Niccals.

Relationships- Gorillaz have an interesting relationship with each other. Noodle is usually getting along with the others, Russel is a little neutral, but 2D and Murdoc have a bad relationship with each other. Murdoc very often abuses 2D, but despite this 2D still views him as a friend. The band is also shown to have a typical celebrity-fan relationship with their fans and other cartoons.


  • Noodle is fluent in Japanese.
  • Murdoc's appearance and personality are based on young Keith Richards.
  • In the episode The human thief, all four members of the band were among the kidnapped humans, who were turned into werebeasts by Professor Venomous. Each of them was fused with a different animal- a Cuban crocodile for Murdoc, a raccoon for Noodle, a spider monkey for 2D and a gorilla for Russel. Murdoc was the first among all of the kidnapped humans who was turned into a werebeast. Despite not being the strongest, he was the most dangerous, due to being the most aggressive.
  • Murdoc is the only known Satanist in the Cartoon kingdom, who is neither a demon, nor a negative character.

Known songs[]

- Feel good inc

- Clint Eastwood

- Dirty Harry

- 19-2000


- Rock the house

- Stylo

- Désolé

- Saturn barz