Gorillaz are a very popular band in Pais de Animation. They are voiced by: 2D- by Nelson De Freitas and has a Cockney accent, Murdoc Niccals- by Phil Cornwell and has Cockney accent, Noodle- by Haruka Kurorda and has a Japanese accent and Russel Hobbs- by Remi Kabaka and has a Brooklyn accent.



- 2D (vocal)

- Murdoc Niccals (bassist)

- Noodle (guitarist)

- Russel Hobbs (drummer)

About the characters

Characteristics: 2D- tall, slender, blue hair, no eyes, white shirt, yellow shoes, brown pants, handsome, cute, foolish, kind, friendly, often unconfident; Murdoc Niccals- slender, tall, black hair, one black eye and one pink eye, one red nail, brown boots, black blouse, grey trousers, yellow necklace, tattoos on his right arm, ugly, aggressive, short-tempered, arrogant, sadisitc, selfish, loud, pervert, comedic, rude, grumpy, intelligent; Noodle- slender, black hair, black eyes, white T-shirt, white trousers, white shoes, beautiful, athletic, tough, fearless, friendly, upbeat; Russel Hobbs- plump, white eyes, white T-shirt, brown trousers, handsome, tough, calm, quiet, selfless

Nationalities: British

Religions: 2D, Russel and Noodle- Christians, Murdoc- Satanist

Fun facts: Noodle can speak Japanese. Murdoc's appearance and personality are based on young Keith Richards.

Race: Traditionally-animated

Species: Cartoon humans

Profession: Musicians

Real ages: 18 real years

Cartoon ages: Murdoc- 49 cartoon years, Noodle- 25 cartoon years, Russel- 40, 2D- 37

Real name: 2D- Stu Pot; Noodle-unknown

Genre of music: alternative rock, alternative hip-hop

Full name: 2D- Stuart Harold Pot; Murdoc- Murdoc Alphons/Faust Niccals.

Relationships- Gorillaz have an interesting relationship with each other. Noodle is usually getting along with the others, Russel is a little neutral, but 2D and Murdoc have a bad relationship with each other. Murdoc very often abuses 2D, but despite this 2D still views him as a friend. The band is also shown to have a typical celebrity-fan relationship with their fans and other cartoons.

Known songs

- Feel good inc

- Clint Eastwood

- Dirty Harry

- 19-2000


- Rock the house

- Stylo

- Murdoc is god

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