Guardians of family bonds is an episode of the show. The episode is focusing on the relationship between Kid and his father.

plot Edit

Lord Death comes to Movietown to visit his son, but he notices that Kid does not seem very excited about it. Eventually the two get into a fight and both queen Tara and Elsa insist for the two to have a meeting with Doc to talk about their relationship. Death reveals that the reason for his visit was because he misses Kid and he was feeling forgotten by him and Kid reveals that the cause of his behaviour was that he was feeling guilty for leaving his father to live alone in Filmville and was ashamed to see him face-to-face again. Then the two apologize to each other and spend the rest of the day bonding.

characters in the episode Edit

- Death the Kid

- lord Death

- queen Tara

- Elsa

- Doc

- Hunter

- Fear

songs Edit

- I just called to say I love you

- Castle on the hill


- (Kid talking about the lost photo of him and his father)

  • Kid: "This is terrible! I have never losed anything before."
  • Hunter:"That is not true. You lose your mind every time, when something is not put in order."

trivia Edit

- It's title is a parody of the movie Guardians of the galaxy, although it is not meant to be a parody of the movie itself.

- Running gag in the episode: Various toons not believing that Death is Kid's father.

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