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Harris, Hubert and Hamish are secondary characters.


About the characters[]

Characteristics: All of them- red hair, blue eyes, brown boots, green clothes, handsome, cute, playful, smart, silent, glutton, mischevous

Real age: 6 real years

Family: Queen Elinor (mother), Merida (sister), king Fergus (father),

Fun facts:

  • Their names mean:Harris- "son of Harry", Hubert- "bright intellect" and Hamish- "supplanter".
  • Their designs bear resemblance to Dennis' design.


With their family- They have a good relationship with their family, though they respect their mother much more than their father. They really love their big sister.

With Princess: She is their official babysitter and most of the time they seem to respect her, but that does not stop them from doing whatever they want from time to time.