Haruka Nanase is a secondary character. He is voiced by Todd Haberkorn. 
Haruka Nanase


characteristics: tall, slender, muscular, broad-shouldered, black hair, blue eyes, handsome, calm, collected, kindhearted, modest, selfless, honest, devoted to swimming, comedic, quiet, immature

animated age: 17 toon years

real age: 5 real years

species: human

nationality: Japanese

religion: Shinto

comes from: the Free franchise

race: traditionally-animated

subrace: positive character

profession: professional swimmer

catchphrase: "I only swim free."


  • His original actor is Nobunaga Shimazaki.
  • He has a habit of taking baths with his swim trunks on.
  • He is shown to have also some good art skills, such as drawing.
  • Mackerel is his favourite food.
  • He seems to like animals.
  • Coincidentally, his name rhymes with "iruka" which is the Japanese word for "dolphin".
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